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Vault of Archavon Guide

The Vault of Archavon (VOA) is a 10 or 25 player raid found in Wintergrasp Keep. This location makes it different from other raids, due to the fact that the keep is in a PVP zone and changes hands every few hours as the battle for Wintergrasp is fought. When your faction holds the keep you can join a raid group and enter VOA, however if your faction doesn’t hold the keep you need to wait until they do.

The raid currently contains three bosses, but has expanded from one on initial release. Currently in ascending order of difficulty the bosses are: Archavon the Stone Watcher, Emalon the Storm Watcher, and Koralon the Flame Watcher. While we will describe the fights and strategies in this order, realize that most groups will start with the hardest boss first. That way if they fail to down him, they are not saved to a failed group and can instead look for a better group of raiders. If you are raiding with your guild, then this is not an issue and you can do the bosses in any order.

Archavon the Stone Watcher
Archavon is a pretty simple fight that is a DPS race due to his 5 minute enrage timer. While he has a few abilities that need to be dealt with, nothing is overly complicated. He does, however, require two tanks due to his abilities.

Archavon’s Abilities

Archavon Rock Spikes – Roughly every 30 seconds Archavon will launch a barrage of rock spikes at a random player. They can not be avoided and cause damage to the player and anyone nearby.

Crushing Leap – Roughly every 30 seconds Archavon will leap at a random player and knock them back. He will then cast a choking cloud and then return to the tank.

Choking Cloud – The choking cloud is an AOE damage effect that stays in place for roughly 20 seconds before dissipating. While active anyone in it or moving through it will suffer damage every second.

Lunge – This is the ability that takes the current main tank out of combat and is preceded by the emote “Archavon the Stone Watcher lunges for <name>”. He will grab that player and hold them for 8 seconds and inflict damage to them during that time, then throw them across the room.

Archavon Fight Strategy
The fight starts with both tanks engaging Archavon and fighting for threat to ensure both are ahead of all other players. Ranged DPS and healers need to spread out around the room to minimize the damage taken from Archavon’s AOE abilities. While you should have some distance between everyone, you also want to be close together so that everyone can be healed and players are not running all over. Once everyone is in place DPS can lay into Archavon.

That’s all there is to the fight. Keep in mind that you need to have enough DPS to down him quickly as you only have 5 minutes before he enrages and starts one-shotting players. You do not need a huge amount of DPS though since he only has 2.3 million health in 10 player raids and 10 million in 25 player raids. If all DPS players are above 2,000 DPS each you will have more than enough to beat the enrage timer.

Emalon the Storm Watcher
Emalon the Storm Watcher is a boss in VOA that is accompanied by a group of four guards called Tempest Minions. These guards respawn whenever they are killed, therefore DPS should not be wasted on them other than when required. Instead they are simply held by the off-tank. Emalon himself has a few abilities that need to be watched for, while the guards’ main ability is to explode when overcharged.

Emalon’s Abilites
Chain Lightning – This spell hits the target and then bounces to additional nearby targets increasing the damage it causes to each subsequent target.

Lightning Nova – This is an AOE damage attack that Emalon casts roughly every 20 seconds. It hits everyone nearby for a large amount of damage, and will wipe most non-tank players. The damage it causes is maximized if you are within 20 yards of Emalon. Lightning Nova has a long cast time though, so melee DPS has a plenty of time to get away.

Overcharge – Emalon casts this ability on one of the Tempest Minions 45 seconds after the last overcharge ended. It applies a stacking buff to one of the minions that grants 20% extra damage caused and grows the minion to roughly double the size. A new stack of the buff is granted every 2 seconds, and when the stack hits 10 the minion will explode causing significant damage and most likely wiping the raid.

Emalon Fight Strategy

EmalonThis fight requires two tanks each with their own healer(s), or healers alternating tanks from a central position. The fight is started by the off-tank engaging the adds and Emalon to establish aggro and then moving to one side of the room. The main tank then pulls Emalon off of the off-tank and drags him to the opposite side of the room. Normally the off-tank goes left of the door and the main tank goes right, however either side, or front and back work just as well.

Once the tanks are in position, ranged and healers setup more than 20 yards away from Emalon and in range of both him and the minions. They also need to spread out as much as possible so that any chain lightnings that are cast at the group do not bounce through too many targets. Melee DPS then starts in on Emalon.