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accounting for 30.3% of GDP in 2016, the growth rate reached 18.9%. through fifa 18 ultimate team coins set of data shows that the new economy, new industrial revolution and the development of fifa 18 ultimate team coins technology brings to the development of the entire national economy enormous role. “General manager China Network Communications Group Co. Lu Yimin fifa 18 ultimate team coins in 10.” in 2008, Chinese will become the birthplace of the sharing economy, will be sharing the traffic change cheap fifa coins. “By travel founder and CEO Cheng Wei said, fifa 18 ultimate team coins China very young Internet companies By industry, the strategy of “going out” in the initial stage. He said, China is global sharing center for economic fifa 18 ultimate team coins, especially China sharing traffic development in a leading position in the world, as the most important bit of internationalization development strategy. In the view of fifa 18 ultimate team coins dimension, the new economic pattern of “going out” failed, but the hut coins the economic “sea” speed is much faster than the traditional economy.

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