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Germany Defeat England Argentina beat Mexico in FIFA Soccer World Cup Knock Out Round

Germany Defeat England Argentina beat Mexico in FIFA Soccer World Cup Knock Out Round

Arch rivals Germany and England tussled yet again. These two European Titans are the remaining bastions of Europe’s hopes in the world cup. In a hard fought match it was all Germany. Germany had the guts to survive the total onslaught of the England players. The city of Bloemfontein concurred with the justice of the result.

England last defeated West Germany in 1966 before the unification of east and West Germany. Germany was successful in knocking out England in 1970, 1990 and 1996. In 2010 the youthful German team beat an overweight, overage and out of form England soccer team.

Germany played with verve. Germany played wide, and spread the English team at will over the width of the field. All the German goals were masterpieces. England wuz robbed though. The ball clearly crossed the goal line. I repeat my call for FIFA to bring soccer out of the dark ages into our technologically advance world of instant replays. Who knows what the result would have been had England equalized. Two goals each engenders a different mindset that four goals to one.

As to Argentina and Mexico, well the inevitable was hard to avoid. Even the gutsy performance of the Mexicans could not prevent a total onslaught of the Argentina soccer team. Diego Maradona must consider himself lucky to have the caliber of players at his disposal. I guess that at least 22 of the Argentinean players are super stars. What indeed can Maradona teach Lionel Messi? Maradona can only be his cheer leader.

The quarter finals are going to be tough. Although Uruguay looks the stronger team on paper and have players of the ilk of Luis Suarez, Ghana will proceed to the semi finals. Argetina is the other quarter finalist. I put my money on the Netherlands and Japan completing the line up for the quarter finals. The semi finalists could be Ghana, Argentina, Netherlands and Japan. It would indeed be a dream come true should Ghana prevail and become the first African team to win the FIFA World Cup and the magic of it will be that it will be happening on Mother Africa soil. It is not impossible.

Again, thank you to the perfect host country, South Africa. Mr. Jacob Zuma you are doing a great job in uniting the peoples of South Africa. Viva. I think that the congratulatory message sent to the Ghanaian team by the African National Congress was not for political gain but to energize the African Renaissance.