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He introduced, distributed energy is usually built in the fifa coins cheap terminal, can run independently, network operation can also be “many countries in Europe, many residents have realized the clean power self fifa coins cheap, surplus power can also be sold online, which cracked the electricity from afar troubles.” but Lin Boqiang admitted that distributed applications there are still some obstacles. “In fifa coins cheap, the city is the power consumption of the main, but the city space is limited, can not provide a large area of vacant land In the layout of solar panel; in contrast, the vast fifa coins cheap areas of land, but the lack of demand, plus a single family small population amount is limited, application of dispersed enough economy. “He said. In this forum, a new fifa coins cheap from Stanford University in the United States by many experts welcome. This technology will be laid on the circuit the wall of the building, and then to apply a layer of fifa coins cheap, will be able to obtain solar power. A Jiangsu electric service company official said, the construction of surface resources using this technology, so the distributed fifa coins cheap is simple. Policies of market incentives: open the clean energy future whether it is building a super power grid, or the promotion of the cheap fifa 18 coins of application at home fifa coins cheap abroad, experts believe that the extensive use of new energy sources, but also cannot do without the introduction of targeted policy escort.” because the deputy will fifa coins cheap environmental pollution The product, the energy industry has a strong externality, the light from the cost efficiency, the perspective is certainly not complete. “Lin Boqiang fifa coins cheap that the need to strengthen the cooperation of the international community, from the ps3 fifa 18 coins of pollution prevention and control, win-win cooperation, and fifa coins cheap relevant policies to boost the development of new energy.

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Yongan futures leading private equity and well-known fifa coin sellers, to carry out market-oriented investment and business cooperation, and the establishment of “characteristic town alliance”, fifa coin sellers the private capital flows to the field of innovation and entrepreneurship, economic restructuring and development of Shangcheng fifa coin sellers and Zhejiang province. While leveraging real internationalization, is the current fund town the “times” starting point. According to fifa coin sellers Jin, and the United States will continue to fund the town fund Greenwich Town, cheap coins fifa 18 British city of London and other places to carry fifa coin sellers two-way communication platform, while improving in education, health, housing and infrastructure and other aspects of the fifa coin sellers level, to attract more enterprises and talents in the small town. It is reported that this year the fund the town plans to introduce fifa coin sellers and foreign high-end financial fifa 18 coins ps3 in 500,

I heard Hockey dangerous? Practice tells you: wrong!

Do you think kids playing ice hockey dangerous? Factly tells you, hockey in almost all sports injuries among the lowest rates! Do not believe it, it gives you an example race with.

First look at basketball. Basketball is a fiery campaign, that people often ignore its danger, a statistical data show that the United States, professional basketball players were injured rate of 1.85%! In addition, football as a fierce campaign, injury rate comparable with basketball!

Secondly, let us look at tennis, tennis should be safe, right? Wrong! Tennis wrists and ankles caused by a higher probability of injury, occupational injury rate is only inferior to basketball!

That hockey it? The data tell us, hockey and golf is actually quite safe sex! Golf looks but quiet and graceful movement, no matter how high, but a security. That we seemingly fierce how dangerous hockey and golf par with it?

It turned out that although the characteristics of ice hockey tournament is fast, fierce collision, but hockey players have a strong protective guard, it is very safe and effective. From the head (including the head, face, facial features), hand, key parts of the feet, legs, each joint, and even boys have a special brace for protection. In such a “bracketing”, even though fierce collision between the players, or the rapid puck hit the child, the child’s body is also less likely to be injured. 12 years old boy, yet physical development, the collision force and inertia will not be great, but also reduces the motion injuries.

In other words, the children playing ice hockey, football is much more than playing basketball safe!

But the premise of safety, the children must be in a professional learning among coaches and team! Here we look at how Canadian hockey coach Paul said.

In addition, Paul tells us that the wrong way to make hockey more dangerous to play! It seems to choose a good coach is the most critical step!

Not only that, if we want their children to keep fit, that hockey is absolutely perfect fit! It can be said that every child can accept hockey training because hockey is not innate qualities of any special requirements. In training, there is “a sense of ice,” flexible full body endurance child may behave better. Physically strong is not the only condition hockey, offensive line full of wisdom, full of tacit understanding with the ball, humble in victory by defeat the tenacious quality, can be a reason for the outstanding performance of emaciated children! For emaciated children, whether it is exercise, endurance, power, perseverance and anti-strike capability or character on hockey training methods there are both happy quality!

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