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Fellini _FIFA 18 international football news

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Manchester United at home 3-0 victory over the visit to Basel, the team coach Jose Mourinho attended the press conference after the game, he talked about his victory for the game was very satisfaction. Substitute Felenie to help Manchester United come out on top, then Lukaku and Rushford have meritorious, Mourinho was asked the team’s performance, the results of the game, as well as Bogba’s injury and other issues … this is an ideal start when you start the Champions League group stage of the journey, to get a good start is always very important. I think the team played very well, very confident, very patient, we made the choice on the pitch is very good, I would like to say the team really played well. But after the score becomes 2-0, everything changed, we started to make mistakes on the pitch, which may make us into trouble, but fortunately Basel did not score, followed by our first Three goals. Players may feel that when the score to 2-0 when the game has been in our control, but football is football, you need to respect their opponents. I do not know the goal difference to the final stage of the group stage will not come in handy, but the third is the most important thing. Overall, our performance is very robust, three points for us is very important. The group stage qualify the group stage to start at home to get 3 points, and we have the opportunity to play against the Moscow Central Army in the end of the group stage stage, I think this is the best situation. We have 3 points in hand, and the last group stage or at home, if you need the last game to determine whether the qualifying, I think this game is best at home, not away. Obviously we have three away games, these games are very important, (Click to buy cheap fifa 18 coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
we need to get scores in these three games. Fellini’s importance Felleni once again demonstrated his importance, I think the fans can understand this. I really feel happy for him, because the self came to Manchester United, he tried to give all the dedication to me, my team and the club. I can not be more satisfied with him, I had not thought about the opportunity to show him today, because he had just returned from injury, but Borgba injured, I have no choice. I think his appearance for the team to crack each other’s defense is also very good, Basel sent five defenders, and their restricted area in the accumulation of a lot of defensive power. I think Fellini’s air superiority can be a choice for our game, so I really feel happy for him. Lukaku and Rushford re-goal this is a good thing, if you ask me, prefer to see the team who scored goals, I will always be said to attack the players on the line. Many people will use the goal to judge their performance, although I am not such a person. So for them, in the early season to get a good goal, I think this is a good thing for them. On the use of Ashley – Young, Mourinho will be the front winger he was on the defender position Ashley – Young performance is very good, and now very popular such a thing. The team will send five defenders, and sometimes we like to say three guards, but I can only see each other’s five guards, Ashley – Young to the team to provide Valencia brought something, I think they both People are very good. But Valencia, he had just finished Ecuador’s game against Brazil and played the game in Stoke City, so I think this game should be sent to Ashley – Young, he can perfect the job, the results Proved that he did.
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