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FIFA World Cup Soccer 2010 Police Assume Command After World Cup Strikes South Africa

FIFA World Cup Soccer 2010 Police Assume Command After World Cup Strikes South Africa

How stupid! How sad! How ironic! What confirmation of utmost stupidity on the part of the organizers of the strike action! How embarrassing! Something that is putting South Africa in the spotlight is being used as a strike craft against South Africa. Must we Africans always be the laughing stock of the world? You are not just hurting the sport, you are hurting your fellow country men and women. You are inconveniencing our guests and you know what you are doing by calling for this strike action. I salute the South African Police Services (SAPS) for stepping up to the plate. However, we should show the world that we are no longer a police state. The picture that the world is seeing now looks similar to the picture during the apartheid era. The only difference is that now the people are smiling and not grimacing like before.

It is fairly obvious that the organizers of World Cup 2010 in South Africa are doing a great job. WE are in day five and things are going without a hitch bar the stupid strike action. Now is NOT the time. This is not the place. I hope that whoever is orchestrating this for a simple profit motive will be dumped in a mind shaft. At best they need their ass kicked, very hard; so hard that they never set foot in South Africa again.

The country, 49 million people are rooting for Bafana Bafana. I sincerely hope for a convincing win over Uruguay on Wednesday evening. I do not think that there will be much left to cheer for should South Africa not make it to the next round.

The referees seem to be very harsh in handing out red cards for what looks like yellow card offences on the field. Remember that often sportsmen are great actors. One minute they are so hurt and the next minute the magic water brings them to their feet with new energy. Soccer is indeed a game of startegy. The game on the field is often first won in the minds of the players who mastermind the moves and formations.

I am still wondering why there are empty seats in the stands when people are told that the matches are sold out. I still don’y get it.

I salute my comrades. I salute every race. I salute the office of the presidency. I salute the crowds for proving that sport is a great unifier even in the midst of the fiercest competition. Still proud to be South African.

FIFA World Cup for iPhone

FIFA World Cup for iPhone

EA Sports has plenty of swing and misses in the category of iPhone/iPod games. They were unimpressive in NBA Live, ghastly in NFL ’10. However, they may have just got a hit in 2010 FIFA World Cup. This game has put EA Sports into some light for the iPod category. It has some negative features such as the floating d pad, or on screen joystick. However, I believe that the other features somewhat made up for it. However, with the new lower price of just $2.99, it is a now a steal for its value. First, let’s mention the cons of the game. The floating d pad is absolutely a pain in the neck. First of all it moves when you take your finger off and press down somewhere else. In order to have successful control of your player at all times, you must keep your finger on the d pad during the whole game. Honestly, after a couple of games, it feels like that my thumb’s fingerprint has worn away. In addition, the d pad is also way to responsive for anyone’s liking and even the slightest change in direction makes your player look like a dummy with a jerky ventriloquist. In addition, the free kick and penalty kick features are hard for a beginner to work out, but after a good half hour of drilling these techniques one could easy figure them out.

However, looking aside the controls, this FIFA game is quite spectacular. First of all, there are the various assortments of game modes. There are the usually ones like Kick Off mode, or just playing a friendly game against another team. FIFA World Cup mode which allows the user to either start at qualification or inside the tournament itself. (The qualification part is a nice bonus.) Penalty Shoot Out which is just selecting two teams to go through the standard penalty shooting at the end of any unresolvable game, you flick the ball to attempt to shoot and tap the hands to try to block a shot. Of course, there is also the nice multiplayer feature which allows you to play with friends using Bluetooth or Wi Fi for more remote players. However, one of the most unique features of the game is the Captain Your Country. Here, you create your own amazing superstar for a team. Then, you play through games where you can only control him. This,, my friends is FIFA World Cup’s truly unique feature.

In addition, the adjustable settings of the game is just fantastic. The soothing South African announcer can be set to many different languages including English, French, Spanish and even Chinese. It is the most amazing thing to play through your game listening to that Chinese guy talking nonsense in the background as you score that amazing header from the corner kick. In addition, unlike many games, they do not repeat the same lines over and over. Another great setting change is the option to pick through the 10 different South African soccer stadiums, and adjusting the game level, like rookie up to World Cup champions.

This game would be an iffy if it was still the original price, However, after EA halved the price of the game (because of the end of the World Cup) to just $2.99, I strongly suggest anyone who has not bought the game to buy it now. You won’t be disappointed.


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At the Final of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa on 11 July

At the Final of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa on 11 July

The amazing game comes to Africa in summer 2010. The world greatest football (or soccer as it is known in North America) tournament will see 32 nations from around the world contest for primacy of the planet most well liked sport. In This summer, South Africa is host of this amazing game , the First game is June 11 and the final goes July 11. At the Final of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa on 11 July, the popular FIFA World Cup Trophy will not be the only sparkling golden object at Soccer City Stadium. Adidas has unveiled the Official Match Ball for the 2010 FIFA World Cup Final, the unique gold colored adidas JO version of the adidas JABULANI, the Official Match Ball of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The name JO is a compliment to host city Johannesburg, commonly known both as “City of Gold” and Jo Whereas the ball still features the iconic South African inspired design of the JABULANI, the main color of the JO is gold. The trophy will travel to 83 countries in total as part of the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour by Coca Cola, spanning a total of 225 days covering 138,902 km in the process before arriving in South Africa on the 4th of May.

When flag bearers parade onto a World Cup field, it the official start of a battle royal between two teams who have played their hearts out to gain a spot in the FIFA World Cup football competition. This year, some 288 teens from 21 countries will travel to South Africa to bear the flags of champion teams at the 2010 FIFA World Cup competition, which perhaps is the world largest sporting event. FIFA and Sony Music Entertainment today announced that “Time for Africa,” a collaboration between global superstar Shakira and critically acclaimed South African music group Freshly ground, has been chosen as the Official Anthem of the upcoming 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. Germany coach Joachim Low looks set to name Miroslav Klose and Lukas Podolski in his 2010 FIFA World Cup team, even though both strikers have struggled to hit form this season.

This is the second time that the Red Devils, making their seventh consecutive appearance in the World Cup, have been in the top 50 this year, as they were also ranked 49th in January. In world cup 2010 the Italy head Coach Marcello Lippi is believe that his experience is the key to success. The head coach is confident that his experienced side will impress at the World cup in South Africa in this summer. Your email address will not be published. Fields marked with asteric are required.