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Givenchy can lead the dark jewelry trend?

Riccardo Tisci in charge of Givenchy 12 years later announced the opening. Riccardo in 2005 after the success of the Givenchy by the impression that the Cartier love bracelet replica elegant little black dress into “the king of darkness.” Not only clothing, even fashion jewelry are leading the dark wave.

As early as 2012, Givenchy spring and summer high set of women will bring the nose ring to the fashion circle. Since then attached to several quarters of men and women clothing ready-to-wear catwalk, Givenchy have to wear models on the nose ring.

Nose ring This kind of accessories has a little advantage, it does not like earrings earrings also need ear holes. Nose ring easy to wear, the weekend you have to go high, then wear a nose ring immediately turned dark punk party queen. To the working day, and quickly take it a pick, do not affect your office lady’s perfect image. So easy to change, is not it praise?

In the Riccardo Tisci under the leadership of Givenchy often released fashion series with fashion jewelry will become the focus, in addition to the nose ring, Cartier love ring replica in the ears did not spend less thought. Big as the earrings of the red plate moment; men and women common magnetic earrings, so you do not have to wear ear bone can be cool.

In addition to the dark wave of jewelry armed to the ear, Riccardo Tisci also feel not fun, and later simply developed into the entire face with jewelry, jewelry mask will appear the original tribal totem art and luxury perfect combination.