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FIFA 16: the best signing of EA Sports is Real Madrid

EA Sports attracts large sporting entities into your lap, in this case signing an agreement with Real Madrid which will allow various enhancements in the game and in reality…


We are accustomed to the developers of sports simulators to sign agreements with sports clubs and in that case. If last week we had FIFA 16 coins online developments related to the Premier League, this will reveal that EA Sports and Real Madrid have reached an agreement for the next three seasons. From Australia, where the white set is making his stage of pre-season, the club and EA Sports have made public this agreement which will result in various improvements within the game at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium and in other commercial areas. Firstly, the developer of 16 FIFA will implement a graphical improvement in the faces and celebrations of the players of Real Madrid, as well as the facilities of the stadium.




EA Sports will focus on more specifically shooting gestures and factions of players, which will allow a greater realism to the game. The agreement involves other types of actions, like for example areas of gaming in the surroundings of the Santiago Bernabeu in the previous matches, which will allow fans to enjoy 16 FIFA Street. In addition, the more commercial part came in the presentation in Australia when Varane, Danilo, Illarra and Nacho enjoyed first-hand of the demo of FIFA 16 which will reach stores by the end of September. And if I have given clues about the best signings of promising young talent FIFA 16, now you have some data that will leave you amazed. Gave one of the most curious data representative of EA Sports present in Australia, which revealed that the online mode of FIFA 16 coins, players who chose Real Madrid played 387 million parties and marked 950 million goals.

FIFA Midfielder of the Year candidate: Juventus to Real Madrid in Spain each 3 to 4 people

FIFA official website announced the FIFA 15 Coins list of 15 candidates for the 2014 Best midfield lineup, Juventus and Real Madrid will have three finalists, Spain 4 persons most.


In this list, the list view from the club, Juventus and Real Madrid to become the biggest winner, each with three finalists, Juventus is Vidal, Bo Geba and Pirlo, Real Madrid is the Cross, Modric and J Lo; Bayern Munich, Chelsea and Barcelona have both selected, the remaining three players from Manchester United, Arsenal and Manchester City contributions. From the point of view of nationality, Spain 4 persons most, three people in Germany, Argentina, Belgium, Croatia, Colombia, Italy, France, Chile, and the Ivorian people have one.


The list published jointly by FIFA Coins and the international players’ union, the purpose of the Year Award 2014 lineup, the lineup of the final list of 55 candidates will be fully released on December 1 this year. Earlier, the goalkeeper has announced the list of five candidates, and the list of 20 candidates defender, yet to be published a list of 15 people striker candidate. The final lineup will be tens of thousands of the best players in the world of vote, including a goalkeeper, four defenders, three midfielders and forwards each.


High School field 15-man squad:

Alonso (Spain / Bayern); Schweinsteiger (Germany / Bayern Munich); Mary (Argentina / Manchester United); Fabregas (Spain / Chelsea); Azar (Belgium / Chelsea); Harvey (Spain / Barcelona); Iniesta (Spain / Barcelona); Cross (Germany / Real Madrid); Modrić (Croatia / Real Madrid); J Lo (Columbia / Real Madrid); Ozil (Germany / Arsenal) ; Pirlo (Italy / Juventus); Boge Ba (France / Juventus); Vidal (Chile / Juventus); Yaya – Toure (Cote d’Ivoire / Manchester City)

The Precision Movement in FIFA 14

It is new to FIFA 14. Precision Movement comes out as a feature that reconstructs the dynamic movement of the actual world players. FIFA team developed the Precision Movement with the assistance of locomotion technology. The locomotion is the basic of all areas of gameplay as it is determining the way the players move over the pitch. Over the past two years, the FIFA team has been developing the step-dependent locomotion technology that is to be able the players to move around the pitch in the most practical way possible. Based on this new technology, the team has made Precision Movement for all the twenty two players over the pitch. Now, each step is counted as the player spin around, cut and shift momentum with the real explosiveness and the nimbleness. The players can buy fifa coins at the online professional stores to collect the best promising players while making the best dream FIFA 14 team.

By making the bio-mechanics of the actual-world athletes, Precision Movement makes the player get faster and slow dynamically. The momentum is turning out to be even bigger factor in comparable to the past. The players are to now show the acceleration in rupture prior to arriving at their optimum velocity. This wider spectrum of the speed releases bigger building-up and more invading options. The invading players can toy with the opposition by directing their stride prior to accelerating to have past their defender. There is a key component of Precision Movement when the players decelerate or alter the direction. The players can go for cheap fifa 14 coins at the online store as they can procure the best players along with the other items to make their best possible FIFA 14 team and win the matches in the tournament.
In the past, the players become able to alter the directions almost immediately. The players were restricted to turn within the twenty-three degrees. The players can buy fifa coins online. In the gameplay of FIFA 14, the sprinting players are to carry the momentum and they can move in any direction. However, the players can take the extra steps as they slow down. With the Precision Movement, when a player takes each step it brings the outcome of practical foot planting and it considers their speed, momentum and the alteration of direction. This removes the idealistic foot sliding that took place in the past and makes the players departs the ground genuinely. The players can opt for fifa coins online in the most affordable cost to procure the most budding players to make a dream FIFA 14 team.

protect the Ball in FIFA 14
Questionably, the best group of the players ever assembled in La Liga, FC Barcelona has got the ball and there is an estimated of sixty- seven percent during gaming this season. There is ten percent that is better than the second-place, Real Madrid. It is large reason why Barca places sixteen points clear of their foes with less than two months remaining in the season. The development team at EA Canada has often indentified the complexities of ball possession. In FIFA 14, the devotees of the franchise are to dictate the tempo of a match with an all new gameplay feature. Finding fifa 14 coins online helps the players make a dream FIFA 14 team.

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