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Protesters rally against FIFA president Sepp Blatter to highlight plight of migrant workers

Protesters rally against FIFA president Sepp Blatter to highlight plight of migrant workers

Hong Kong: A handful of protesters holding banners and placards demonstrated peacefully on Thursday at an event with FIFA president Sepp Blatter to highlight the plight of migrant workers building stadiums in Qatar for the 2022 World Cup.

Blatter was a guest at the inauguration of the Hong Kong Football Association’s new offices.

The International Trade Union Confederation has complained about the exploitation of migrant workers and deaths related to dangerous conditions on building projects in Qatar in the years since the 2022 World Cup was awarded to the Gulf nation. In recent months, Qatar has sought to allay widespread concerns about conditions for workers on World Cup building projects by detailing how their rights must be protected by contractors. Organizers are also considering scaling back the number of venues for the tournament.

“They have a problem and we know that but this is not directly a question for FIFA,” Blatter said. “It is one which the state of Qatar must handle as well as all the construction companies who are responsible for the workers.”

Blatter also downplayed security fears ahead of this year’s World Cup in Brazil. Violent protests left one man dead in Rio’s Copacabana beach this week, less than two months before the opening match on June 12.

“Yes, there are security issues but those matters lie with the government and state of Brazil and that is a part of the commitment they have given to us. FIFA cannot ensure security,” Blatter said. “But be optimistic, football is optimistic this will be a great tournament in a country where football is revered.”

Blatter also said there have always been some issues in the lead up to the World Cup. Three stadiums in Brazil still have not been completed.

“There are problems but I have never seen a World Cup where everything was ready before it kicked off. I have been to 10 World Cups and every time there have been worries,” Blatter said. “We are just about one month away from this World Cup and I’m optimistic it will be a great tournament.”

England rely on late lobbying to persuade Fifa of bid

England rely on late lobbying to persuade Fifa of bid

But against a backdrop of corruption allegations, a BBC documentary and the frantic last minute lobbying to steal votes from rival nations, it was only the briefest of triumphs. There are three days left until the Fifa president, Sepp Blatter stands on the stage at the Zurich Messehalle and is handed an envelope from an independent Swiss notary containing the identity of the hosts for the two tournaments and no one can call either race.

The English bid team will learn over a series of high profile meetings today just how much last night’s BBC Panorama documentary has hurt their chances primarily the effect it has on their relationship with Jack Warner, the Fifa executive committee (ExCo) member who they hope is one of their chief allies.

When it gets down to the nitty gritty of Fifa politics, a positive economic study will have a negligible effect set against the damage done by Panorama to the egos of the kingmakers among football’s world governing body.

Over the next days, England could swing the crucial votes behind them, most importantly those they could potentially inherit from the bids knocked out in the first and second rounds. Alternatively, they could see their support fade away and suffer a humiliating early exit themselves, in which case it would be their votes who would be picked off by the two favourites Russia and Spain Portugal.

The lobbying begins in earnest today at the opulent Baur au Lac hotel in Zurich, where the English 2018 bid will do their best to get as many of the 22 ExCo members, including Warner, in for an audience with David Cameron in which the Prime Minister will attempt to convince them of England’s merits to host the 2018 tournament.

In the lobby, groups of ExCo members will collect and melt away, with officials from all bids anxiously trying to read the signs. The England bid are billing the Cameron David Beckham Prince William triumvirate ,who will all be in Zurich by tomorrow, as their “Three Lions” who they believe can sway the vote their way.

It is a remarkable way to decide the venue for the biggest sporting event in the world, but for the next few days the 22 current ExCo members potentially 23 if the Oceania confederation is reinstated today will be feted by some of the most powerful and famous statesmen in the world, including Vladimir Putin and Bill Clinton.

It has been a long road for Andy Anson, England’s 2018 chief executive who described yesterday as the “first 10 metres of the final 100”. His bid team has, he said, their “path to victory” mapped out but he knows that, unless they consolidate the votes they believe they have in the bag, there is a chance that the ExCo will smell weakness. If a significant bloc like Warner’s Concacaf (Central and North America and the Caribbean) deserts, the rest will too.

At least the Fifa commissioned McKinsey report into the financial viability of the nine nations bidding for the two tournaments has found so decisively in England’s favour. In the five main revenue streams of ticketing, media rights, licensing, hospitality and sponsorship, England came out as the candidate country most likely to earn the most across all of them.

The cultivation of ExCo members, painstakingly done over the last two years, has involved thousands of air miles and countless meetings and the English bid will not allow the BBC to destroy that in 30 minutes’ television. It was Anson’s choice of word to describe the ExCo as a “brotherhood” yesterday and he intimated that he treated any slur on their character as he would one on his own.

The tension with the BBC over the Panorama documentary is palpable, with Anson refusing to grant the corporation’s top sports correspondent a one on one interview. The 2018 team believe that the BBC’s justification for broadcasting ther investigation, that England’s 2018 bid cannot get a fair hearing from Fifa, is fundamentally flawed.

There was a testy exchange in a press conference yesterday when Anson was asked outright by a BBC reporter if any ExCo member had asked for money in return for his vote. It is evident that in the event of the English bid triumphing on Thursday that relationship will take some time to recover.

The voting patterns are so difficult to predict because of the complicated deals that have been struck across the two separate bids. All ExCo members have one vote in each race and the most obvious case of collusion is between Spain, bidding for 2018, and Qatar, in the running for 2022. The theory is Spain will deliver Qatar their core of three Conmebol (South America) votes for 2022 in return for getting the Thai and Egypt ExCo member votes shored up by Qatar for 2018.

But that would be little different to England giving the ExCo vote they control (former Football Association chairman Geoff Thompson’s) in the 2022 race to Japan in return for the Japanese ExCo member Junji Ogura voting for them in the 2018 bidding.

“As Sepp Blatter said, Fifa ExCo members are going to speak and, if you are going to have a 2018 and a 2022 race, it is inevitable that people will talk [about deals],” Anson said. “Fifa understand that. I don’t think it is working against us. People come with a number of votes in support of them. We weren’t surprised of talk of collusion. We always had our process built around that happening.”

Anson preferred to describe the still undecided more diplomatically as “those members at different stages of their decision making process. It is people who have options. The fact that there are two votes running [simultaneously] complicates the process for ExCo members. Our strategy is very focused on having the right number of votes to get across the line.”

Even the line up of the five individuals who will give England’s final presentation to the ExCo on Thursday five is the number prescribed by Fifa’s tight controls on protocol is under wraps. There was a suggestion yesterday that Fifa would require all bidding nations to divulge that information but, like the announcement on whether Oceania’s vote would be reinstated, Fifa seemed to be in a state of indecision yesterday.

Today, the English bid begins rolling out the big guns, with David Beckham arriving in Zurich and expected to be put to good use in front of ExCo members and the world’s media. The greatest fascination for Chelsea watchers will be on Thursday when Roman Abramovich will be part of Russia’s five strong presentation and the world will, potentially, hear the secretive billionaire speak in public for the first time.

Anson thinks by tomorrow evening he will know which way the vote is going and, like everyone else ,he sees it lasting three rounds. There are, as he likes to say, “clear routes to victory” for England, but there is also a scenario in which they go out humiliated in the first round, defeated even by the Netherlands Belgium bid that has no chance of going the distance.

If the English bid is not to win then, with so many expectant famous faces being beamed back home live on television, it must at least not be humiliated. But in a race that has remained so unpredictable right to the end, and with the late obstacle of last night’s Panorama documentary to swerve, that is by no means a certainty.

Timeline of england’s troubled bid

14 May: Beckham presents England’s 1,700 page bid book to Fifa president Sepp Blatter in Zurich.

16 May: Lord Triesman resigns after being secretly taped by a newspaper accusing the Spanish and Russian bids of bribery. Replaced by Geoff Thompson.

17 October: The Sunday Times alleges up to six Fifa officials, including two Executive Committee members, asked for cash in return for World Cup votes.

17 November: Fifa’s evaluation reports judge the England and Spain/Portugal bids as low risk, while putting the Netherlands/Belgium and Russian bids as medium risk.

Fifa world cup Might have to Modify Rules to match 2022 Environment Mug within Qatar

FIFA May need to Transform Rules to match 2022 World Goblet around Qatar

Qatar received their very own estimate for that ’22 Entire world Drink. Rumors have got circulated this Qatar footballing officials bribed Fifa world cup administrators. Examining all the facts you have to wonder if your bribes does be held. Besides is actually Qatar not a strong sports united states, that can right now get automated training course when host land, the place is not really best.

The World Glass is an party that is residing in the summer every last four years. Temperature within Qatar in the summer consistently escalate over 40C (104F). Following the put money was recognised, there was clearly an idea trashed to try out a match in the wintertime. Yet, that could require spot. Winter months several weeks certainly are a vital amount of the European period using the solid in the Campions Team team steps along with much more team activities played Holiday. Tavern organizations is not going to choose to introduction the competitors on such a crucial amount of time in the season. Despite the fact that, this Africa Mug associated with Places is usually took part in a bitter winter, that only translates into people from area leaving behind but not the whole world making it slightly better regarding teams to push out a the game enthusiasts. At the same time, although some people might European leagues possess a wintertime bust, individuals pauses won’t be able to have capacity for the amount of time necessary for the entire world Drink.

So as to address the prime temperatures, A Telegraph is usually filing that as opposed to a game having 2 1 out of 3 minimal halves, activities could be tinkered with several Half hour sections. I am in zero means any sports purist, after i would want to discover aim brand know-how included and for significant selections, such as the banned conserve simply by Expect Alone during this year’s Ladies Globe Glass, which may currently have triggered us states getting out the particular world-class. Nevertheless, playing a few 30 minute sections removes a number of the style of the video game personally.

Footballing is a totally free coursing match, that is a primary reason I enjoy it much. Activities are generally telecasted together with tiny advertising, that can be just in the course of before match, About 15 small halftime escape together with posting online game. At the same time video game titles generally conclusion when they’re due, contrary to countless online games within different sports activities. Taking part in about three Thirty minute sections can make even more stoppages in addition to causing damage to tv set daily schedules.

The actual activities will not be turned into three Half hour sections. Careful analysis get a new system with the video game is going to take spot whenever temperatures meet or exceed 30C (86F). The following decision is to safeguard players. “There can be a mild potential for heat problems for the members concerning 24C 29C but if you are going higher than you have large in addition to overwhelming injury risk, proclaimed Ervin Beavon, who actually speech to help international delegates at the Qatar System Achieving in London. He also added in, “The cause may be to actu drink plenty of water the squad just before they may keep on taking part in.In .

A Fifa world cup representative so that they can quiet dreads for a potential transform with convention hanging around explained, “This chance hasn’t been talked about. In any case, this is able to need to have a improvements on the actual Laws within the Game, and therefore might need to turn out to be analysed along with approved by the Intercontinental Basketball Organization Board (IFAB) during the initially place”. The law he is mentioning is that often meets will probably be continue for a couple 50 small sections except decided through the referee plus equally teams. Though, you’ll find activities which are much less next the important a pair of 1 out of 3 moment sections, these include strictly regarding children’s gamers.

FIFA administrators required well-known that playing games of these temperature may affect the video game, they chosen to give the particular match to help Qatar, in which outshine ed submissions by way of Sydney, The philipines as well as Us.

Giving the actual competition so that you can Qatar reeks of disregard with the Fifa world cup authorities. The video game should never ought to alter in to support the situation, particularly there were international locations just as valuable to be variety state. Though, the Qatar arenas should be air-con in addition to house it may also possibly not get a new fact that the action can be adjusted. Many of the state-of-the-art stadiums of which Qatar happen to be advising to construct, which can be noticed right here, still need to turn out to be crafted. If there are complications within the creating method, Fifa world cup may perhaps be instructed to move the match to a different locale, which was possible prior to The new year tournament in Africa.

Among many of the gossip associated with file corruption error Fifa world cup are afraid an additional PR problem. They have to ensure that things choose easily in Qatar. Nevertheless, the most appropriate had been to honour the idea to the better soccer state ability smart and something where temperatures are not a danger for the payers.

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