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small Thomas once again released a huge amount of energy

After two days of rest, the Celtics and Wizards continue to contest, small Thomas once again released a huge amount of energy, so that the entire North Shore Garden Arena excited. The first section behind, halftime, three still, you still do not need to worry about the Green Army, because the “distal king” performance has not really started. The first three quarters of the, although the small Thomas scored 24 points, but feel in general, the performance is not good. Can go to the nba 2k mt for sale quarter, the Buddha to kill the Buddha’s assassin came back. Shortly after the start of the small, small Thomas will fire, wore a more than a lot of Porter, he can still be the ball into. Two record three soared, the points difference has been running out.

The fourth quarter left 7 minutes and 44 seconds, surrounded by three mountains, small Thomas forced layup, labeled as 2 +1, the score tied. Soon after the first time again overtake, regain the lead, but the more critical moment, the smaller Thomas less soft. Luo Zier a cross, a small Thomas ball on the vote, hit a third hit; the face of Morris’s defense, small Thomas continuous shaking opponents fake, in the cast again. The fourth quarter scored 20 points, the small Thomas has been 44 points, refresh the personal playoff career record. But the two teams draw into the, small Thomas’s score continues. Overtime, the Wizards of the offensive failure, while the 2k mt for sale Army is Yuezhanyueyong. Small Thomas is killable, 4 shots all hit. Overtime 15.4 seconds left, the small Thomas face Ouray forced shot, get the first 53 points in the field, but also help the team locked the victory.