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consolidate and fifa 18 coins enhance the ecological

Re-protection – treats the same as the treatment of the fifa 18 coins environment of the nineteenth report, “like the same treatment of life as the ecological environment.” “This is what we fifa 18 coins been and adhere to.” Yunnan Lijiang Yongsheng County Dongshan Village Party branch secretary Li Yingfen said, “by actively guiding fifa coins masses to change ‘chopping a piece of fifa 18 coins a land, harvest a basket’ extensive farming model, We will continue to consolidate and enhance the ecological awareness of the people, only awareness of the place, to be fifa 18 coins. “” 20, the development of the ecological industry, Many years ago, the old branch of hut coins County, Hezhang village began to lead the villagers to afforestation and poverty, fifa 18 coins village forest coverage rate from 5% in 1987 rose to the present 82.5%, puffin changes into the experimental area A miniature. “Guizhou Provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman,