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The Aide of FFXIV: A Domain Reawakened Prisons of Sastasha

We realize that distinctive version has diverse prison in amusement – ffxiv gil. In distinctive prison, players will meet diverse managers in diverse cell. Likewise the Fortune Coffer you will meet in better place with an alternate sum. Attendant let us observe on the cell Sastasha in FFXIV: A Domain Reborn, let us take a gander at what managers and fortune Coffers gamers will meet and the prerequisite and the claim to fame of the dungeon.

The bosses in Sastasha are Chopper, Captain Madison, and Denn The Orcatoothed. The reward from Chopper and Captain Madison is Treasure Coffer. And what you can gain from the boss Denn The Orcatoothed is Sahagin Card. Well, you should pay attention that the Sahagin Card must firstly complete the quest of Triple Triad Trial and it will drops at a fixed rate.

There are some other rewards that form Treasure Coffer 1 to Treasure Coffer 5.

What we should be pay attention is that the number of treasure coffers may vary depending on the duty or trial. Also we can know that the time limit of Sastasha is 90m and the Duty Roulette of the game is Leveling.

The requirements are for 4 gamers include 1 tank, 1 healer, and 2 DPS. The requirements includes two aspects that are Class and Level.
Class: Disciples of War or Magic
Level: 15 (Sync from 18)

Presently lat us have a few insights about the cell. Serpent Reavers have by and by taken to threatening the inland villages of La Noscea that murdering the men, capturing the ladies and youngsters, ransacking the storage facilities, and smoldering what little they desert. For a long time, it was not known how the privateers had the capacity attack ranges so distant from the coast, until a neighborhood shepherd located a band of painted rascals entering the Sastasha Seagrot, conveying vast amounts of sacks and containers. That for the aide of Cell Sastasha in We plan to present some different Prisons next time.

FFXIV Alexander Savafe assault will be accessible next Tuesday, July 21, 2015.

Before the launch of the new raid, Square Enix has made a hotfix to aim for the best balance and stability, as well as the implementation of an exploit. The previous Safewow post has given you a preview of this new raid dungeon and Mac version FFXIV updates already. At offer more and more cheapest ffxiv gil .

Hotfix for exploit issue and Alexander Savege raid
It was reported that there was an exploit related to currency so that it was significant enough to warrant a rarely encountered emergency maintenance during primetime. Now, the servers have come back up early.
Except for currency related exploit, the upcoming of Alexander Savege raid should be another main factor to bring into that abrupt hotfix. As we all know, this new buy FFXIV Gilraid will be coming next Tuesday, along with a 3.05 patch, which will buff currently underperforming jobs.

New features in Alexander raid
Some people worry about that Alexander might split the community up even more than Coil if Savage Alexander is toted as harder than Savage Coil.
1. It will require eight players of level 60 to participate in Alexander.
2. Players that haven’t completed The Binding Coil of Bahamut will still get to participate in the upcoming raid.
3. Two weeks after Tuesday, Square Enix will add Alexander Savage mode, in addition to a new Frontline area and the Allagan Tomestones of Esoterics.

Final Fantasy XIV patch 3.05 and Alexander Savage are just in the corner. Don’t you want to experience all these amazing updates in FFXIV? Never worry about final fantasy xiv gil, and you can cheap ff14 gil from Safewow with 15-minute delivery.