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The Reasons to buy ffxiv gil

No matter what you want to do in Eorzea, Gil is always necessary. Without an ample amount of Gil in FFXIV, your chances of lost battles increases dramatically. Expensive gear, powerful weapons, and impressive skills could be obtained if you had just a little more FFXIV Gil than you are willing to grind will prove to be a detriment to your victory as an adventurer. The higher content means the more dangerous threats, when your armor cannot absorb a high damage from boss and your sword cannot hurt the beast anymore will you consider to get a new equipment? How could you fight the primal if your gear is too weak? How would you craft if you can’t afford for required material? How could you show off your house when you do not have any decorative stuff? But you are not alone, we all know nobody would rather be grinding long hours without end when they could easily buy FFXIV Gil from ffxivgillive! With out FF14 Gil at your disposal, you know you can become the top gladiator or Thaumaturge in your zone.

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Wouldn’t you like to become master of your own time instead of having to repeat the boring parts of the game for hours and hours? Isn’t the point of playing FFXIV to enjoy the content and just have fun?

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Final Fantasy XIV Developers Has Made Apologies on the Issues of Mac Version

Buy FFXIV Gil on is one of the best choices for Final Fantasy XI players. as one of the largest retailers can make sure the security of every order. The Final Fantasy XIV has gathered a large number of comments on the performance of the Mac version, since there are large numbers of problems that shows up and developers apologized for all the problems. However, the developer said that the entire Mac version accept full refund after their careful consideration. The players can receive a refund if they have bought a copy of the Mac Version of FFXIV gil Online, what they need to do is to contact the store or website from which they bought it. And the process of refund will based on the refunding rules of retailer.

The reason why Mac version will show up is that boot utilities such as Boot Camp can be used to play a Windows version of the game on a Mac system. Even if the Mac version appears to work on a Mac OS, however, as a matter of fact, FFXIV is operating on Windows OS. We can know that it is true that there are issues on performance with the Mac version of FFXIV when compared to its Windows counterpart that are Mac version.

Today we just have a look on the event of the refund policy on FFXIV Mac version. If you want to learn more about the details of this event, you can click here, if you want to buy cheap FFXIV Gil, you had better come to on which you can experience a professional service.

Celebrate FFXIV accounts surpassing four Million with FFXIV gil

According to the announcement of Square Enix, there is a milestone for Final Fantasy XIV. What is the milestone for Final Fantasy XIV? It is that the registered accounts of Final Fantasy XIV surpass four million. To celebrate this new milestone in FFXIV, currently free login in the game is provided by Square Enix for all Final Fantasy XIV players. In addition, this celebration is starting from February 2th, 2015 to March 9th, 2015. It means that ffxiv is free-to-play for gamers in these two weeks. Meanwhile, FFXIV Gil for sale can be gained at

During this time, only Final Fantasy XIV players, who have previously purchased and registered Final Fantasy XIV, are able to enter into the free login campaign. Moreover, the free login campaign is going to set as inactive during the event.

Four million people have subscribed to Final Fantasy XIV, but it is unknown that how many active paying accounts are included in the four million people. Compared to the world most famous MMORPG, World of Warcraft once hit over 10 million subscribers when Warlords of Draenor launched. Final Fantasy XIV cannot catch up with WoW. However, it is amazing for FFXIV to gain this milestone.