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FIFA 17 before the release of the value of ten players

In the FIFA 17 listed on the eve of EA announced FIFA17 value before the ten players the ability to win the European Cup champions this summer, C Luo Fanchao Messi, became the highest rated players of all players, and Neymar from eighth last year rose to third. C Ronaldo scores for two consecutive years to rise this year, his total score is 94 points, 92 points for the breakdown of the data rate, dribbling 91 points, 92 points, scoring 33 points, 81 points pass defense, physical 80 points, his last years of data rate of 92 points, 90 points, 93 points shot dribbling, defense 33 pass points, 80 points, 78 points of physical quality.

While Messi is 1 lower than last year, a total of 93 points, 89 points for the breakdown of the data speed and dribbling 96 points, 90 points, scoring 26 points, 86 points pass defense, physical quality data for the last 61 points, speed 92 points, 95 points, 88 points shot dribbling, defending 24 points, 86 passes 62, physical quality. AD: Buy Cheap FIFA 17 Coins, No.1 FIFA Ultimate Team Coins Store – XFIFA.COM

Compared to C Ronaldo and Messi Neymar trimmer, has gone up 4 points, ranking jumped to third, EA is regarded as the world third superstar C Luomeixi. Last year, Suarez ranked third ranked at fourth, MSN did not climb, but took the name 2-4. The new German national team captain Neuer score also rose 2 points, ranked fifth. Other players in the top ten were Baer, Ibrahimovic, Boateng, Lewandowski and David De Gea.