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Are you punished? FIFA this week to discuss Ali “vertical middle finger”

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Sky Sports news that after Ali’s own teammate Kyle Walker’s behavior will be punished will see the outcome this week.
It is reported that the FIFA Disciplinary Committee has been on Wednesday and Thursday meeting to discuss Ali in the game in the vertical action.
England 2-1 victory over Slovakia in the game, Ali vertical middle finger behavior was captured by television broadcast, and he was also the FIFA investigation.
Ali quickly made a clarification on the incident, (Click to buy Cheap NBA 2K18 MT, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
he said that this behavior is only their own and Kyle – Walker a joke, and whether the Ali will be punished, after Thursday’s meeting will see the outcome.
Walker has submitted relevant written evidence to support his teammate Ali, the FA also provides the corresponding video clips, proof of Ali vertical middle finger behavior is not directed against the referee on duty.
If Ali was convicted by the FIFA Ethics Committee, he would be subject to a suspension or a penalty. A FIFA spokesman said: “We can confirm that this case will be in the 27, 28, the discussion will come to the conclusion of the relevant decisions will be announced later, please note that, Disciplinary decisions are usually published a few days after the end of the hearing.
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Stoke sign Danish teenager Sorensen

Esbjerg FB’s 16-year-old midfielder Lasse Sorensen will join Stoke City in January after signing a three-year contract.

Denmark Under-17 international midfielder Lasse Sorensen has joined Premier League outfit Stoke City, Esbjerg FB confirmed on Wednesday.

Sorensen, 16, will link up with Stoke in January on a three-year deal.

The Danish youth star is relishing the opportunity to move to England.

“When you get such an option, it applies just to say yes, because it is not fifa 16 crédits certain that you get the offer again,” Sorensen said.

“When you think about fifa 16 coins football, you associate it with England, and to come to a Premier League club is a dream come true for me. I have had a fantastic time in EfB, and now I have made a choice about my future.”

Encroachment England launch World Cup game Italy adjoining Manaus

There are significant concerns about the intensity of the playing surface xbox one fifa 15 coins at the stadium of the Amazon.

Reasons head man Carlos Botella admits that the arena “is bad involve”

Contingency plans in favor of the exhibition race group D are being

Access problems, rain and algae to $ 229m stadium were held responsible

Roy Hodgson sends a delegation to assess the FA meeting at the expense of the sin of height Manaus amid concerns about fifa corners environment needy surface.

Photos appeared in the Wednesday version of a poorly prepared surface on the inside of the arena and the Amazon before the opening game of the office of England he attached to Italy Saturday.

Even the man in the race arena Manaus admitted he was “bad involved.

Hodgson’s team traveled four hours by air line deep into the Amazon rainforest on Thursday and will not even practice in the field of training of the FIFA appointed.

Instead, the FA revealed that the team will race in the gym Thursday afternoon spent training at the stadium on Friday night. England bolster party will check the condition of the exhibition – Original according to the regulations of FIFA 14 coins ios sales was over – and gain version for Hodgson to the team hotel.

Carlos Botella, patterns of the head man for the Royal Verd company that is responsible for lawn Manaus and six stages of the World Cup further said: “Frankly, Manaus is bad claim to have. We started to pass a parcel urgently to make to save the adjacent sports field and as much as possible, but I do not think it’s going to pretend pleasant state by the weekend. We fertilizer and we accretion process account Biostimulants fertilization and seed intends to acquire most of the grass. “