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There is a saying that “through the crossing, to conquer all”, in today’s World of Warcraft

the so-called crossing has long been commonplace. Take the 7.3 version of this time, we cross from the broken islands to the world of Argus, (Click to buy wow gold,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
face the final madness of the Burning Legion, save the world in distress!
In the previous 100-level version, we crossed the parallel world 35 years ago Delano world, so that time becomes more and more confused, and even Saar has a feeling of ignorant. If further forward, TBC version we have also crossed to the reality of Delano, where it has long been broken, full of holes.
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On the other hand, from the TBC version, in the mysterious time of the cave, we are more time and time through to the past and the future flow of time, although they have occurred or is likely to happen, but the time is There are a lot of unidentified secrets …
Can not help but ask now the World of Warcraft players, you have to wear enough?
Fortunately, 8.0 version of us back to Azeroth, came to the Kurdishas, ??may no longer be through you, but also feeling Azeroth can be described as so much Jiaojiang country!
Only the sigh countless warriors competing waist, Sargeras, Kil’jaeden, brain residual roar, Gul’dan, the Lich King and so all fall a failure of the situation, the ultimate savior are Warcraft players, maybe the results are destined to be so, But left a lot of songs can tell the story of the dream.
Looking back, Azshara’s Coral Sea, the thorny valley of the rain, the rain in the forest, the valley of the valley, the sand of the Tanas, the swamp of the crater, all left a deep impression on us. But look at the past, everything in the past like a mirage in general, has a more high-definition realistic picture quality, but it does not leave the impression of God horse, also known as fast food.
If you continue to cross, not as good as through the catastrophe before the Azeroth, where full of Chuaizhuo dreams; if you continue to cross, doomed to find the mood back to the past, are more and more illusory things; if you continue to cross, really But also to conquer the entire universe, that history do not know how to develop; if you continue to cross, really feel physically and mentally exhausted, might as well stay in the beautiful and rich Azeroth, to find a more mysterious treasure Wake up the soul of Titan Ai Luen!
Through, like dog blood in general, although it has also been popular in the so-called wear drama, but now has lost the so-called freshness, and the history of Warcraft is not made by the cross to form. Even so, do not rule out the future version we will continue to cross, after all, the vast expanse of the universe Azeroth is not the only planet, but at least not now, every few versions are through the players really feel The so-called egg pain.
The face of the 8.0 version of the endless sea of ??exploration, many underwater mounts can play a useful, Enzosi, Azshara and other roles will come up with what shaking big things, think of these do not think this story is quite interesting ? Perhaps, really do not really can not pass through, and can not conquer all, but also make the player more sad! Return Home >> Back 17173 Home >> (Click bankofwow to buy?wow?gold, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)