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FIFA International Friendly Preview

FIFA International Friendly Preview

Many in the Brazilian and Argentine media are seeing that the spotlight for this match have been overshadowed by the immensity of New York City. Many puzzled as to the lack of attention that the collective sports scene has given this event, it could be one of the few things both Brazilians and Argentines will agree upon for now. Still the the football world will have an eye on this encounter at Mef Life Stadium as two of the biggest national teams ont he planet face off on Saturday as they will upstage to an extent what is going on in Ukraine and Poland.

Brazil are in the final phase of their preparation for their participation in the upcoming Olympic Games in London. Argentina are fresh off their 4 0 thrashing of Ecuador in Buenos Aires meanwhile Brazil are looking at this match as their dress rehearsal after losing to Mexico in Dallas last weekend. For the Albiceleste it’ll be a chance to fine tune and understand what they will be up against when they face a top quality side in a neutral setting.

Of course, this match has little or nothing to do with the term friendly. These eternal rivals will go after each other from the opening whistle. If you look at the weaknesses some that will immediately emerge are the fact that both backlines are very suspect. The lack of experience on one side and the lack of consistency on the other leads one to think that the possibility of a high scoring affair could be a big one. Add players the category of Neymar, Hulk, Leandro Damio, Gonzalo Higuan, ngel Di Mara and Lionel Messi and that probablilty increases exponentially.

This is why Alejandro Sabella made some adjustments yet again. Although far from being the chaotic side that was extremely unpredictable under both Diego Maradona and Sergio Batista, Sabella has given this side a return to a more stable side. It is a team that began to turn around in the heat of Barranquilla. Argentina have not lost a match since their defeat in Venezuela.

One of the moves is his implementation of the 4 4 2 that will see Javie Mascherano used in more of a hybrid role between his actual position and what he has been doing at Barcelona. Mascherano will be the deep lying support for the central defense in an effort to shore that portion of the pitch up.

This will have only Lionel Messi and Gonzalo Higuan up top. ngel Di Mara will also go into double duty helping in the recovery phase and in the transition to the attack. One part of Argentina’s attack that will not be present will be Sergio Agero, who will be suspended for the match against Paraguay in Mendoza and Sabella will look to have the players most likely on the pitch that day playing on Saturday.

The phrase that was being preached throughout the week in Brazil’s camp ever since they arrived to New Jersey was that this match was a “dress rehearsal”. This was the way that the young Brazilian squad took to preparing over at Rutgers University in Piscataway. This was their chance to show their character to everyone as they look to obtain the one prize that has avoided Brazilian football.

Brazil’s Rmulo suffered an injury in Friday’s practice and will be a game time decision. The same would go for Thiago Silva as he has been on the shelf after suffering a thigh strain during the Mexico match. For the former Fluminense man, his intentions are to be ready to play in London in about 50 days time. More importantly he mentioned in his latest blog entry that he “would not play if it meant risking his presence in the Olympic Games”. He will look to see how he is feeling and discuss it with the techincal staff and team doctor

There is even the possibility of using So Paulo man Casemiro as an option. Bruno Uvini would also be ready to go in the event that the AC Milan center back would not be ready to step onto the pitch.

Mano seems adamant about maintaining the same formation although there is a chance that he will go to a 4 2 2 2. This is at least what Sabella will be preparing for leading up to this match.

ARGENTINA: Romero; Clemente, Fede Fernndez, Garay, Zabaleta; Di Mara, Gago, Mascherano, Sosa; Messi, Higuan

BRAZIL: Rafael Cabral, Rafael, Thiago Silva, Juan, Marcelo; Sandro, Oscar, Neymar, Hulk, Leandro Damio

How to Dribble Like Messi of Argentina

How to Dribble Like Messi of Argentina

Argentina’s diminutive superstar, Lionel Messi, won the 2009 FIFA World Player of the Year for his dominant performance in the Spanish Liga. His talents on the football pitch are largely unrivaled, the most famous of which is his prolific dribbling. Whenever he has possession, the ball looks attached to one of Messi’s shoelaces, never straying from his left foot without cause. Learning how to dribble like Messi takes a great deal of practice, as well as an understanding of why his unique style is so superbly effective.

Lionel Messi’s Close ControlFirst and foremost, Messi always keeps the ball close. The snap decisions that Messi makes are really only possible because he has the ball on his foot at all times. Obviously, moving the ball past an opponent is much easier when the ball is readily available for moving. A strong defender may only be off balance for a brief moment, and having fast access to the ball in those crucial moments makes Messi a deadly dribbler. Practice keeping the ball as close to one foot as possible with every step, and train this skill while walking, jogging, running, and sprinting at full speed. Developing the gentle touch needed to keep the ball close at full speed is particularly difficult.

For Messi, pushing the ball ahead into space at the right times is important as well. Always having the ball on one foot makes for easy tackling. Defenders thoroughly enjoy repetitive, uncreative actions. Messi frequently explodes to full speed from a near standstill, moving the football into an advantageous gap in the opposition defense. These bursts of speed are possible as often as they are because the ball is always attached to his feet, and the touch following such a move usually brings the ball back to the Argentine’s magnetic left boot.

Dribbling as Effectively as MessiMessi dribbles with speed and ferocity, but only does so when there is an opening or an opponent is off balance. Just as important as Messi’s perfect touch is his unselfishness. Despite the fact that he can always create decent opportunities for himself, he shares the ball at the right times and creates even better chances for his teammates. Many of Messi’s individual efforts are designed to draw additional defenders and expose chances for teammates. As a result, defenders cannot anticipate Messi dribbling toward goal every time he gets the ball, though the threat always lingers.

Dribbling as effectively as Lionel Messi takes more than just spectacular close control and unrivaled explosiveness; defenders must guard Messi like any other player, which makes his virtuoso dribbling even more effective. He makes brilliant passes and is a constant scoring threat. His generosity with the ball makes his solo work substantially more potent, as defenders must close on him quickly to prevent clever passes and attempts on goal, but cannot get too close for fear of losing an impromptu contest of quickness.

All Starting Times Las Vegas Odds Picks

All Starting Times Las Vegas Odds Picks

The 2010 World Cup will kick off in June and the Las Vegas Hilton Superbook lines provide some value for those willing to do their homework. There is some value when it comes to teams like, Argentina and France in the first round of the World Cup. All start times listed below will be Eastern Standard Time. Friday June 11, 2010 World Cup Opening Matches.

10 AM Mexico +140 versus South Africa +190. Draw +210.

Mexico pulls a tough draw in the opening World Cup match. Playing the host team, South Africa, on opening day of the World Cup doesn’t led itself to many favorable calls. Mexico could definitely handle South Africa on a neutral field but this could be too much to ask. Best bet on this game is a the draw at +210.

2:30 PM France Even versus Uruguay +275. Draw +220.

Getting France as a straight up bet is not a bad play. Uruguay is no pushover but France is by far the best team in their group. The two likely teams to emerge from their group will be France and Mexico. Uruguay won’t go down easy but they will go down. Take France as the even money favorite.

Saturday June 12, 2010 World Cup Day 2 Round 1.

7:30 AM Greece +130 versus South Korea +210. Draw +210.

Greece enters the World Cup with ranking of 12 by FIFA and South Korea has a 22 ranking. Greece will shut down South Korea’s offense and then there is the possibility of a draw if Greece struggles to score. Take Greece +130 to win this one.

10 AM Nigeria +425 versus Argentina 155. Draw +250.

Argentina is one of the top teams in the World Cup and getting them at this price could be a steal. Best bet Argentina 155.

2:30 PM USA +550 versus England 190. Draw +275.

The could shock the world and all of Have to make small play on the United States +550 to win just for fun but make another bet on the draw +275, it is more likely.

Sunday June 13, 2010 World Cup Day 2 Round 1.

7:30 AM Slovenia +120 versus Algeria +220. Draw +220.

A battle of two teams that are not destined to make it out of the first round of the World Cup, Not worth a bet on this game.

10 AM Ghana +200 versus Serbia +135. Draw +215.

Two more teams that will be eliminated soon after the start of World Cup play Do not bet this game either.

2:30 PM Australia +500 versus Germany 185. Draw +275.

Take Germany 185 to win by 2 goals or more.

Monday June 14, 2010 World Cup Day 3 Round 1.

7:30 AM Denmark +375 versus The Netherlands 140. Draw +250.

should sweep through their group and Denmark will be their first victim. Take the Netherlands 140 to win impressively.

10 AM Cameroon +120 versus Japan +220. Draw +220.

Take Cameroon +120 for the easy win.

2:30 PM Paraguay +350 versus Italy 120. Draw +225.

Defending World Cup champs, Take Italy 120 to win by two or more over Paraguay.

Tuesday June 15, 2010 World Cup Day 4 Round 1.

7:30 AM Slovakia 250 versus New Zealand +750. Draw +300.

New Zealand enters the World Cup with a FIFA ranking of 77. Their opponent, Slovakia isn’t one of the best teams in the World Cup but their ranking is 33. Don’t bother betting Slovakia 250. They will win but not worth the risk.