SUNAC real estate group to madden 18 coins

Two, SUNAC real estate group to 33 billion 595 million yuan, the acquisition madden 18 coins the seventy-six hotels. Three, the two sides agreed to sign a detailed agreement before July 31st, and complete madden 18 coins payment as soon as possible, assets and equity settlement. In four, the two sides agreed to maintain delivery madden mobile coins the text brigade project “four change”: 1, the madden 18 coins brand, project property holding still use Wanda cultural tourism city brand; 2, planning content unchanged, the project is still in accordance with the government madden 18 coins the plan, content development and construction projects; 3, unchanged, holding the property project design, construction, quality, By the control of the implementation of.4 madden 18 coins management of Wanda, mut coins, project management is still in charge of Wanda company. Five, the hotel after delivery, hotel management contracts still madden 18 coins, until the expiration of the contract. Six, the two sides agreed to cooperate in the field of comprehensive strategic multiple films. In the River, downstream water level madden 18 coins to below the warning level.

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