Ribery worth the money

Ribery worth the money

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limit my search to /r/FIFAuse the following search parameters to narrow your results:see the search faq for details. He decent, but not great. The game lacks a good distribution of skillers. On the left it jumps from Ronaldo and Ribery, who cost a fortune and are rated 92 and 90, to Taarabt and Elia being 78 and 76. There no options in between those, either you have the incredible players or the just decent ones.

And at least on the left there are incredible options. On the right, Nani is the highest rated in the game at 83. In the middle options are a little better, but not really by much.

There simply aren enough 5 skill players in the game to give people a variety, and find ones that really suit them.

As well as this, the small number means getting a few into one squad can be a pain, because of league/nationality (especially if you don want a pure brazil team). Elia is an option, but personally I find him annoying to get into any squad that isn pure bundesliga.

It seriously ridiculous how few options there are for 5 skills in the game, and I really like to see them change it, particularly for certain league A dozen or so more decent 5 skillers (modric, Diego, Lavezzi, type ratings) would make a huge improvement.

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