Jenny – Bath: the Lakers will certainly set up a statue for Kobe

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Today, the Lakers boss Jenny – Bass participated in a radio program, she talked about the retired team star Kobe Bryant – Bryant.

Not long ago, the Lakers announced that they would also retire Kobe Bryant 8 and 24 two jerseys, in the interview Jenny explained the team’s practice, and revealed that the Lakers will build a statue for Kobe.

“I feel that if we only retired one of the numbers of Kobe Bryant, then another number can not dare to use, so we simply retired the two numbers … …” Jenny said, “no longer someone to wear The Lakers’ No. 8 and No. 24 jersey.We have chosen to play against the Warriors (December 19), we think it is the right date, we will hold a grand celebration. In addition, one day Bryant will certainly have Own statue.

“It was my pleasure to be able to give honor for Kobe Bryant, and we wanted to think about the date of his retirement, but for me it was more important when the 2018 All-Star Game was held at the Staples Center The number will appear on the wall.I want to make sure of this because I know that he is the reason why the arena is eligible to host the 2018 All – Star Game.

Bryant career averaged 36.1 minutes to play, get 25 points and 5.2 rebounds and 4.7 assists.
According to the “New York Post” reported that the Nets general manager Sean – Max in an interview today, talked about the team’s new aid Dan Gilo – Russell.

“We’ve talked with Russell openly, and everyone else is the same,” Max said. “Dangeiro knew we were looking forward to him, and there was a thorn in his heart, and he knew he needed to be on the defensive end. Better, but he will be better and more comprehensive in many ways. “(welcome to buy NBA 2K18 MT Coins, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

“We all know that he will make his teammates better, his basketball IQ is high, and now how does he work with a group of teammates who have never fought side by side? How do they foster trust? How did he make progress and how did he and Jeremyh coexist in the field? “Said Max.

“He’s in the field of leadership, we can certainly help him to achieve that level in his position to play, must become a leader Caixing. Coach Kenny – Atkinson will rely on this position – forest or Russell, they both command traffic.

Atkinson said in an interview: “These two people are good people, but also good players, I really believe that we can let them coexist, they will play, there are 48 minutes to control.”

“They all played scoring guard, they can defend the shooting guard, so it is in line with our current situation, people say now is the pick and roll Union, so, have another one can rely on pick and roll, find out the two people good at the point , Will give us a great advantage, “Atkinson said.
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