I believe that the vast majority of the game by the ace manager

I believe that the vast majority of the game by the ace manager, has a wealth of practical experience and challenges more confidence in the opponent. So, when the manager level to reach 59 when unlocking the cross-service qualifying, is undoubtedly the ace giants to “stronger” very near fate test! More than a dozen regional players compete for the list, qualifying to a week as a unit, at the end of each season to reset the rankings. Players can view the top 10 list and the current challenge to the players, challenge the rules and qualifying match: challenge the http://www.nbacoinsbuy.com/ of the new rankings, the failure to maintain the existing ranking unchanged. Want to stabilize the ranking of the manager, must continue to challenge!

As the saying goes, under the reward must have courage. Cross-service qualifying big reward, is naturally one of the driving force of hard work. Players meet every day to meet a certain number of sessions can receive the same day reward, to reach the highest cheap nba mt coins ranking can receive points reward, and qualifying slightly different is the higher the corresponding ranking reward the more lucrative! At the end of the season there are season rankings! Triple reward so that managers are blood Ben Zhang, and thousands of people to pay mt points to the supreme glory is extremely inspiring! Managers! Only in the game continue to improve their own strength, in order to more intense cruel cross-service war in the rank of a place.

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