Classic Football Manager 2014

Sports Interactive, the Fifa 14 coins developer of Paul and Oliver Collyer behind Classic Football Manager 2014 is perhaps the oldest in this game development manager since the world (of gaming) is world company. Not surprisingly to them we owe not only this Fifa coins series Football Manager that has been in almost a decade, but also gave them fame over 20 years ago, under the cloak of Eidos, called Championship Manager .

That’s why we are facing the real parents of gender , those who have been there year after year leaving PC unquestionable masterpieces. And finally the Football Manager series comes to PS Vita for the first time after dropping out in 2012 on PSP … and not think that something has been left on the shelf. Not at all, this version is a true compendium that allow the player to play the role of general manager of the club , president and what he pleases.

So much so, its depth, which in Sports Interactive will allow everything we play on our laptop down the street, then we take it to the PC to continue on where we were, in a sort of ‘cross-play’ at Sony Style but without major console Sony.

Create a profile and start training
The first thing to do in Football Manager 2014 Classic is creating us a profile that will allow us to later choose a team, which is where we have to manage to try to bring to the elite. This eans that you have to be very meticulous in choosing each option or difrutaremos us the game.

Well, do not oversell, well you judge is looking at every detail to see if that fits your selection of Football design, but we must not engage in it right 100% since the first. The good thing about Football Manager 2014 Classic is that as the season unfolds we can correct those failures through the many decisions we have to take.

These are all having to do with the making of the template and the official preseason season. You have to know how we want our team to behave at all times and it is therefore necessary to develop a tree of tactics, a selection of game modes and drawings (4-4-3, 4-1-4-1, 4-3 -3, etc..) that the players have to perform on the pitch.

No point having a great sprinters if we want to play and then play the ball relentlessly. Some players allow you to make specific types of football at all times and this must be taken into account to get the most out of the template. But hey, we’re not telling you anything that is not known … right?

More decisions off the field
I said before is fine but there are many more decisions we must make. And, as you probably know, the position of manager in England has nothing to do with what we mean when we loose someone that word . There, in the UK, this figure is not only concerned with what happens on the field or in training but is also aware of economic issues. Transfers wages, high, low and a lot more areas that should guide the always noble desire to make pasta and especially titles.

That’s why in these facets off the field become confused roles and have to make own arrangements of a president or a CEO here in Spain. Among these powers are things like marketing, social media, event organization, the ticket prices, the expansion of the field as we begin to succeed and we are going to be increasingly important or communication club: what is said, where said and who says it.

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