2014 FIFA World Cup Predictions and Picks

2014 FIFA World Cup Predictions and Picks

2014 FIFA World Cup predictions and picks aren’t easy to make with nearly two calendar years remaining before play begins in Brazil. It will be the first time since 1950 the World Cup has been held in Brazil. That would leave many to believe that Brazil will be not only the hosts but also the favorites. Brazil has an incredible football resume winning the World Cup five times already. Could it possibly be too much pressure for the hosts? Or will the home field advantage provide the hosts with an edge too big to surmount? Chances are that having a home field advantage will not mean that much once the top football teams in the world gather once again in the same place. It will ultimately come down to who plays the best match at the right time.

31 teams in all will join Brazil when play begins on June 12 in 2014 for the FIFA World Cup. Who will challenge and who will take home the eventual championship? Brazil, as mentioned before, will inevitably be one of the favorites. Brazil lost a grueling 2 1 match against the Netherlands in 2010 in quarterfinal play. Perhaps a home crowd will be the lift this team needs to get by in such close contests.

Mexico, Italy and Germany will also be among those who could compete for the FIFA 2014 title. Defending 2010 champ Spain held off Netherlands for a 1 0 victory in South Africa. Spain could now be seeking a second straight title. Who could forget Andres Iniesta scoring in the 116th minute for a 1 0 win in one of the most exciting finales in recent history.

Germany was a third place finisher by beating Uruguay in the runner up contest. Could the Germans be game in Brazil in 2014?

Either way, the 2014 FIFA World Cup predictions and picks could be too premature considering many clubs are still qualifying for the competition. England is always a team that has the capability of making a run. England was ousted by Germany in the round of 16 in 2010 in South Africa. The United States will get plenty of coverage but lackluster efforts in recent history haven’t exactly foreshadowed a brilliant run. Team USA was edged by Ghana in the round of 16 in 2010. Was a round of 16 appearance the catapult behind bigger and greater things or did the United States peak in South Africa? Qualifying so far hasn’t produced incredible results for Team USA.

Portugal was a 1 0 loser to Spain in the round of 16 in 2010. Is Portugal knocking on the door of an incredible run? Argentina knocked off Mexico before running into a very tough German team in the quarterfinals.

With soccer, talent can change in a 4 year span between one World Cup event and another. The draw and qualifiers will determine a lot with who has the capability of winning it all.

My gut feeling for the 2014 FIFA World Cup predictions and picks is that Brazil will face Germany in the finale. In the end, my predictions say that the Germans will edge Brazil 3 2 in an offensive showdown. I think there are many other variables that could determine what happens in Brazil in 2014. There could be major injuries and/or other factors that change the course of what happens. We still have nearly 2 more years remaining before the first match even takes place. Qualifying will, as usual, be interesting as many countries attempt to gain access into the best soccer venue and competition the world has to offer.

Are there any darkhorses who could rise in 2014? Ghana was an amazing story in 2010 but it would seem unlikely that club will make another historic run in 2014. Japan also provided some incredible fireworks before bowing out to Paraguay in the round of 16 in 2010. Only time will tell if another football club surfaces to make an incredible run in 2014.

As time progresses, I will continue to update my predictions and picks for the FIFA World Cup in 2014. That’s a mouthful, isn’t it?Specifically I write about sports, reality television, entertainment, hot t. Vs.

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