Iker Casillas Fifa Coins strolls

Iker Casillas Fifa Coins strolls nonchalantly through the area earmarked for TV interviews, stops, greets a few people and smiles. In recent months he has looked happier than at any point in the previous two seasons. It is as if he belongs between the sticks for Real Madrid again and when everything works out like it did on Tuesday evening in Marrakech, how can his face not light up?

Score-settling is not on the agenda for the rejuvenated veteran, however: “I don’t think I have anything to prove – what I’ve done in my career is there for everyone to see. By playing games I’ll hopefully get my confidence back to where it used to be, which is what excites me more than anything. I feel on a high,” the goalkeeper told FIFA.com after another morale-boosting performance in the 4-0 win over Cruz Azul in the FIFA Club World Cup Morocco 2014.

Advanced FIFA 15 Defending Tips

Though Fifa 15 Coins we have covered some defending tips for you, here we have some advanced defending tips and tricks to help you defend better and improve your defensive skills in FIFA 15. Defending mechanics are much more realistic than ever, so it is much harder. Let’s turn to the advanced defending tips this time.

Firstly, you have to know the defending controls in FIFA 15. The circle(PS) or B(Xbox) button performs a sliding tackle. Be careful, you need to do it with the right timing, otherwise the attacker will easily dribble the ball and avoid you.

The X(PS) or A(Xbox) button will put the pressure on the attacker by doing a short standing tackle to grab the ball. This button is very effective, you probably will need to use it the most.

The square(PS) or X(Xbox) button will do a sliding tackle. This type of tackle could be very dangerous, because either a physical contact or a shirt pull or a at its worst, a long tackle can be finished up with a foul and a possible yellow/red card.

With button L2(PS) or LT(Xbox) you can contain an opponent. R1(PS) or RB(Xbox) button allows you to call a second player to put pressure on the attacker who carries the ball.

Go to Skill Games and do all the defensive skill drills there. Those drills will help you to improve your defensive skills from basic to advance.

Play Single Player Games. The CPU might not be as smart as human but the fact is that CPU is controlling the pattern and the mechanics of the gameplay even when a real player is playing FIFA 15. So playing against FIFA 15 AI can improve your defensive skills for sure. Play single player matches and focus on the defending. Try to read CPU’s strategies for the attacking. Prevent their passes and block the receivers before a pass happens. See how the AI system is dribbling the ball and try to tackle at the right time. Start with the beginner difficulty and try to promote your defending skills by going to higher level of difficulty.

Don’t forget to be patient. Do not rush when defending. In addition, everyone has their own special defending skills, you should keeping learning, either learn from professional players or reading our articles. The most important, why not buy some FIFA 15 coins from our store.

Tottenham players like FIFA 15 more than actual football

There’s not an Fifa 15 Coins awful lot for Tottenham’s players to be cheerful about at the moment. Even so, the joy on the faces of Andros Townsend and Nabil Bentaleb when they beat Eric Dier and Christian Eriksen at FIFA 15 is a little surprising.

We’d always assumed FIFA was for those of who can only dream about playing professional football for real. Judging by this video, it seems top players get just as excited by the game as the rest of us.

In fairness, Townsend & Bentaleb’s two victories (it’s a best of three contest) do give them bragging rights over two team mates. That explains the hugging, jumping, screaming, bragging, bad forfeits… all the stuff you get in front rooms across the land.

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FIFA 15: Players report the first Bugs

In Germany the game is not until tomorrow, September 25, available, but the first player to the PC version of FIFA 15 Report already playing fifa 15 coins disturbing or even -brechende bugs . So they lined up with the PS4 -Spielern one that also complain about FIFA 15: The PS4 version has frequent middle of the action with lags to fight.

The same procedure as every year: The annual FIFA game appears and the bugs begin to emerge. The annual post-release bug invasion is unfortunately also in FIFA 15 back. FIFA 14 has been provided in the previous year for some laughs and strange situations, especially buy cheap fifa 15 coins in terms of goalkeeping AI. Now FIFA takes 15 after – but it can surpass its predecessor?

The detailed review of FIFA 15 already some small weaknesses had shown. The facial expressions of the players also surprised at FIFA 15 with some acrobatics derailed, but not this time drew near to the predecessor. But just as the strange herd behavior of animated spectators, this is not really a problem.

Keeper + center circle = ?

The problem, however, is -Once mal the AI of the players and the goalkeeper . Here before FIFA has also had to fight 14 – and also FIFA 15 has crazy bugs and situations with the ball physics or the gatekeepers. Although EA had promised, just to enhance this point in this year’s FIFA, but for diving new problems.

Done this often is the situation that the center circle the player magically attracts so everyone – especially the home – running towards it, or the ball carrier orbits the center and do not want to leave him. The shot button appears on some players the service rather unreliable run – or if the ball flies, then in the entgegene direction.

So far it is unclear whether these are individual cases in a few FIFA 15 players, or whether a larger proportion of the players is affected by the bugs. Alone among the EA forums for users but seems to have already occurred 111 times the center circle-love great goalkeeper.

The quality assurance of EA has many players already bad reputation. Now the guys should hurry up FIFA 15 with the bug fixing: The first players have already announced that they want to make the purchase price over the games Satisfaction Guarantee of Origin refund.

Who needs a little amusement – or just having fun on the glitches of FIFA, should view this summary of the funniest bugs its predecessor is essential.

Players Guild became an important Part of Trading System in TESO

In the elder scrolls OL, players’ guild became an important part of the trading system. So here need to introduce some guild relevant information, and then you will find, traded with other players succeed, to join a guild is so necessary and important than how much gw2 gold you own.

ESO players guild is different from an NPC guilds in the game, such as the mage guild, warriors, the courageous guilds these will give you the related skill bar after, the mainland real organization. Players guild set up by the players themselves, the establishment of the guild is mainly for social needs, which is convenient to be party with friends and make new friends, and traded to other players.

Each ESO account can only establish a guild, but each player accounts can add up to five players’ guild. To establish a guild is very simple, as long as you press G to open the guild interface. It is ok to fill out name and camp, of course, also can edit guild privileges, such as whether a class member can use the guild warehouse, guild shop and so on. You can also needs in the game by keywords to search for your organization. Players’ guild is account binding, in the guild will only show your userid and your every small account in the list.

Each association must choose a camp. For example, you can create a guild, this guild had better to be the same with your main camp, so that you can fight group battles with faction players in the guild. If you buy the package explorer with wildstar gold, you can choose race, but you still want to choose a faction. Three camps were elves dynasty the restoration of the AD, DC Bi covenant, the heart of the EP ebony convention.

You can join a guild for any purpose, whether for PvE or PVP, even just to sell their own things for eso gold, this is encouraged by the designers of ESO.

FIFA Midfielder of the Year candidate: Juventus to Real Madrid in Spain each 3 to 4 people

FIFA official website announced the FIFA 15 Coins list of 15 candidates for the 2014 Best midfield lineup, Juventus and Real Madrid will have three finalists, Spain 4 persons most.


In this list, the list view from the club, Juventus and Real Madrid to become the biggest winner, each with three finalists, Juventus is Vidal, Bo Geba and Pirlo, Real Madrid is the Cross, Modric and J Lo; Bayern Munich, Chelsea and Barcelona have both selected, the remaining three players from Manchester United, Arsenal and Manchester City contributions. From the point of view of nationality, Spain 4 persons most, three people in Germany, Argentina, Belgium, Croatia, Colombia, Italy, France, Chile, and the Ivorian people have one.


The list published jointly by FIFA Coins and the international players’ union, the purpose of the Year Award 2014 lineup, the lineup of the final list of 55 candidates will be fully released on December 1 this year. Earlier, the goalkeeper has announced the list of five candidates, and the list of 20 candidates defender, yet to be published a list of 15 people striker candidate. The final lineup will be tens of thousands of the best players in the world of vote, including a goalkeeper, four defenders, three midfielders and forwards each.


High School field 15-man squad:

Alonso (Spain / Bayern); Schweinsteiger (Germany / Bayern Munich); Mary (Argentina / Manchester United); Fabregas (Spain / Chelsea); Azar (Belgium / Chelsea); Harvey (Spain / Barcelona); Iniesta (Spain / Barcelona); Cross (Germany / Real Madrid); Modrić (Croatia / Real Madrid); J Lo (Columbia / Real Madrid); Ozil (Germany / Arsenal) ; Pirlo (Italy / Juventus); Boge Ba (France / Juventus); Vidal (Chile / Juventus); Yaya – Toure (Cote d’Ivoire / Manchester City)

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59fifty Hats History – the Trend is not Really That Old


These 59fifty hats are everywhere these days. It is easy to think that these hats are part of American tradition for ages. But that is not true at all. The fact is 59fifty hats history is not much old. These phenomenal of 59fifty hat culture started only in 1990s. Before that no one was even aware of these 59fifty hats. The trend is really young, but it caught up really fast, the fact that these trend is so visible in everywhere that it gives people the wrong idea that it is going on for ages. Today it’s hard to imagine our culture without these 59fifty hats. Yes, these hats have that powerful impact in our society nowadays.

59fifty hats history is may be young but it is definitely powerful. Today we see all our young men are wearing these caps. Some more fashionable youth also wear these hats backwards to look even cooler. Well they do look different and cooler because of these hats. These hats are part of their regular uniform now. I mean if you have a teen boy at your home you know there is also a 59fifty hat in your house for sure. Some youth do not even like to take off these hats ever.

If 59fifty hats history is something to go buy then you must know that these 59fifty hats cultures were not first part of the older men’s fashion. We used to see only the dudes or the young men of the society to wear such hats. But nowadays even the regular office going middle age men are wearing these hats. They now understood the simple fact that these hats make them look effortless without trying really hard. They can also hide the bald spot in their heads. So it’s a winning style for these men. Today we can see even politicians and men who are part of law profession is wearing these cool baseball caps.

59fifty hats history says that these hats are first made in 1990s. These hats were first introduced to the public to make people feel closer to the players. These hats were made exactly the identical way the hat professional baseball players wear. So it’s like the common men can feel they are wearing the same hats the players are wearing without being on the game. Men loved that feeling. That is the reason these hats now became so popular over the years. Even Hollywood celebrities are wearing these hats these days. Just not men, regular and famous women also are wearing these hats.

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